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Praying for Your Special Needs Child

Take it from people who know! Being a special needs parent comes with deep, often unexpected challenges that can shake your faith to the core. Drawing from their personal experience, David and Mercedes Rizzo share openly the myriad challenges of parenting a special needs child, while offering grace-filled counsel on practical steps you can take and suggested prayers to invite God into your situation. Topics include finding doctors and specialists who will treat your child with respect and kindness; advocating for your child’s individualized education plan; preparing your child to receive the Sacraments; giving attention to your marriage and your other children; and preparing your child for adulthood. 

Adaptive First Eucharist Preparation Kit

The Adaptive First Eucharist Kit will enable many people with autism and other special needs to participate fully in their faith, individuals who might not be able to receive the Eucharist.

Also available in Spanish.

The Adaptive First Eucharist Kit for individuals with autism or other special needs includes eight pieces:


  • My Picture Missal Flip Book and Mass Picture Cards are for use at Mass. They help the individual maintain focus and actively participate in the Mass.
  • Bless Yourself Matching Puzzle helps the individual learn how to make the Sign of the Cross. This activity can be paired with parent or catechist modeling so it becomes a gross motor imitation task.
  • Who Is Jesus? Instructional Story introduces the individual to Jesus as the Son of God and relates God’s family to the individual’s family.
  • Communion Is Not the Same as Food Matching Puzzle helps the individual distinguish between the Eucharist and ordinary food.
  • How to Receive Communion Matching Puzzle shows all the steps of receiving Communion reverently, providing a guide for the individual to practice. This learning tool may be taught with sequencing or modeling.
  • I Receive Communion Picture Book reinforces the reverence and proper steps of receiving Communion.
  • Helper Guide includes tips on how to use the kit.
  • A backpack so the individual can transport the items from home, faith formation sessions, and Mass.

Faith, Family, and Children with Special Needs

How Catholic Parents and Their Kids with Special Needs Can Develop a Richer Spiritual Life

In Faith, Family, and Children with Special Needs, David Rizzo—whose 12-year-old daughter has autism—offers great hope for parents who want to grow in their own spirituality while helping their children with disabilities experience God in a deeper way.


Spiritually Able

A Parent’s Guide to Teaching the Faith to Children with Special Needs

For many parents seeking faith formation for their child with special needs, the resources are either severely lacking or nonexistent. A family looking to participate in the life of the Church can find it a struggle to get the support, materials, and community needed to grow the faith for their child with special needs.

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My Picture Missal Flip Book and Mass Picture Cards

The Order of Mass in Pictures

My Picture Missal Flip Book and Mass Picture Cards are for use during the Mass, to walk children through the parts of the Mass and provides interactive cues for actions and gestures. My Picture Missal Flip Book and Mass Pictures Cards are ideal for preschool and kindergarten classes, baptismal preperation, preschool mothers’ groups, liturgy of the word for children, and parishioners with young children.

Also available in Spanish. 

My Picture Missal App

Help Children Understand and Participate in the Mass

This app was developed for children with special needs and for young children. With a choice of English or Spanish, all children can learn, understand, and fully experience the Mass. When used at Mass, it’s a great tool to help children follow along step-by-step and join in appropriately and reverently.

Parent and Child hands holding clay heart with quote from David and Mercedes Rizzo

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